not just another Twitter training is a totally unique formula developed from my enhanced perception and understanding of how people communicate in Twitter

Imagine if I told you I can

  • lead you to where to find the people who will want what you offer
  • show you how to stop wasting your time and focus your efforts on the right people
  • demonstrate how to use powerful engagement strategies so that buying from you becomes a no brainer

My name is Veronica Pullen and I’ve been training small business owners just like you on how to use Twitter to make more sales for over two years. Repeatedly my clients tell me that they;

  •  Have set up a Twitter profile and are actively tweeting
  • They’ve made new connections and their followers are slowly growing
  • BUT the time they spend on Twitter is NOT being repaid in sales

Does that sound like you?

Most business owners on Twitter don’t realise the potential of the tweets their prospects are posting online so they aren’t seeing them properly. There are masses of sales opportunities to be found when you know where to look and actively seek them out.

Social Media Prospector training system for Twitter.


Inside Social Media Prospector for Twitter I will teach you

  • How to identify your targeted prospects
  • Where to find the people who want what you offer so your time on Twitter becomes profitable
  • The most effective engagement strategies that will lock out your competitors
  • Why building a strong network is so effective in converting your followers into an engaged audience of customers, referrers and raving fans
  • How to find the Journalists who are waiting to promote you right now!


99% of business owners are wasting their time on Twitter. They’re posting tweets and engaging with a few people, using up valuable time but not being repaid in sales.

You wouldn’t go to a Plumbers convention and expect to make sales if you are selling knitted toys would you? Yet if you’re not applying this logic to who you engage with on Twitter, is it any wonder you’re not being rewarded with sales?

You need to fish in the right ponds!

Social Media Prospector for Twitter is not just another Twitter training course…it is a totally unique formula developed from my enhanced perception and understanding of how people communicate in Twitter.

“I immediately applied some of Veronica’s strategies and found 3 hot leads for my business. One of which has a good chance of becoming a long-term client. There are few courses I can say that provide such immediate value. 

Many of us use Twitter already, but if you follow Veronica’s advice, you are almost certain to see a better return on time and dollars invested” William Siebler – Melbourne

An enhanced visual perception means I interpret much more information from each tweet that anyone else can. The benefit of this is an ability to recognise the patterns in words and phrases used in tweets that allow you to drill down through the ‘Twitter noise’ to find your targeted prospects in even the most specific of niches! This is one of the powerful secrets I will share with you inside Social Media Prospector for Twitter.

It will introduce you to the gold mine inside Twitter you won’t have seen before…even if you have been using Twitter for some time!

Veronica Pullen chosen as Nigel Botterill's UK Entrepreneur of the Month Noc 2011

Veronica Pullen – Nigel Botterill’s UK Entrepreneur of the Month Nov 2011

In fact Internet Marketers and Social Media Consultants from all over the world have come to me to learn the secrets and have been blown away by the power of what I have shared with them.

In bite sized chunks I will walk you through each step of the journey…you work at your own pace when and where you choose.

(I don’t know about you but it frustrates me when I buy products online that can only be accessed on my computer! Social Media Prospector is 100% compatible with your iPhone and iPad too…giving you total flexibility over when and where you work.)

What are others saying about Social Media Prospector for Twitter?

I really enjoyed learning the Social Media Prospector for Twitter formula from Veronica and I couldn’t believe how simple and effective the strategies were… yet I would NEVER have recognised these opportunities without Veronica! Within an hour I had access to hundreds of my targeted prospects who I could start building relationships with straight away.

Frankly, I’m stunned at the value I got from this training and I now recommend it to all my clients! I I’d recommend you get in there quickly!”

Nicola Cairncross, Leading Internet and Business Mentor -
“I was aware that Veronica was generating exceptional results on Twitter using her own Prospect Psychology strategies. When the opportunity arose to learn Veronica’s secret I booked my place immediately. I was AMAZED! Her understanding of the psychology of tweeting opened up a wealth of opportunities and I am already seeing results beyond all my expectations!”
Alan Fuller -
“Veronica really understands the psychology of tweeting.  Her training has given me a totally new insight into Twitter users and their tweets and has transformed the way I interact with people on twitter with successful results. I highly recommend this course to all business owners!”
Susan Meldon -
“Social Media Prospector for Twitter  gives you an insight into Twitter that you won’t find anywhere else! The powerful strategies really show you how to target and focus your activity. I can’t recommend Social Media Prospector for Twitter highly enough”
Julia Bramble - Julia
“Veronica’s approach is easy to follow, simple to use, based on her experience and makes great sense. This is not just another Twitter training course! The fresh new insights I gained have led to me finding many more sales opportunities on Twitter!”
Sarah Gorev -
“After applying Veronica’s Prospect Psychology formula to how I use Twitter, almost immediately I was engaging with a new prospect and arranging a meeting for the following day. Without Veronica’s insight I would never have found this prospect nor understood how changing my engagement style could bring such great results!”
Vanessa Fuller

  • Seriously increase your sales?
  • Learn the most powerful engagement strategies that will attract a flood of buyers and lock out your competitors?
  • Enjoy the results of having a highly engaged network of followers who consistently drive leads and sales to your business?
  • Generate media coverage that promotes your business to a HUGE offline audience…for FREE?

If all these amazing benefits aren’t enough to have you heading straight to the buy now button, these THREE free gifts will surely do the trick:


My top Twitter resources – I share the free resources I use every day to help me manage 20+ Twitter accounts…while I focus on the important stuff…generating leads and sales (Worth £35)


A complete ‘How to Use Twitter for Business Blueprint’ your insider’s guide to the language and etiquette of Twitter including the mistakes that your competitors are making…so you can avoid them!

Veronica Pullen with Theo Paphitis | Ryman SBS Event Biham 3.2012

Veronica Pullen, hand-picked by Theo Paphitis’ as his favourite full service social media business March 2012

I’ve been delivering this training in my workshops for £67 but my clients tell me it has saved them 18 months of getting it wrong! {Worth £67)


Access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and brainstorm ideas with me and a community of like minded business owners. I am committed to supporting you through your journey so this extra support is unlimited. (Worth £PRICELESS)

If you’ve never used Twitter before I’ve even included a ‘Getting Started’ video tutorial – Twitter success in a box!

Still not convinced?


Try Social Media Prospector for Twitter today for an investment of £47 and if within 30 days you feel I’ve not taught you how to connect with your targeted prospects I will return your money IN FULL! You even get to keep all of the training!

Can’t say fairer than that?!


Are you ready to join the 1% of successful business owners in Twitter?

Are you ready to make more money from Twitter?

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With so many business owners unsuccessfully marketing their business on Twitter, my mission is to stop you from being one of them!

So, my pledge to you is this… If you…

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2) Start your learning immediately

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Oops, I nearly forgot to mention the Affiliate scheme…everyone who invests in Social Media Prospector for Twitter can become an Affiliate and earn 50% of each sale in commission! If you refer 2 new purchasers via your unique Affiliate link your training is free!

So let’s quickly recap…

SIX modules providing comprehensive training…with downloadable PDF resources included showing you…

  • How to slice through the ‘Twitter noise’ to find your targeted prospects!
  • Powerful engagement strategies that will make buying from you a no brainer and lock out your competitors
  • Easy to implement strategies to convert your followers into customers, referrers and raving fans driving a consistent stream of leads and sales to your business!
  • A road map to FREE but essential media coverage to grow your business


  • 3 bonuses worth from £100 to £0,000s
  • Unlimited support and access to a like minded community of switched on business owners
  • 50% Affiliate commission for all sales generated via your unique URL…refer just TWO buyers and your training is FREE!


  • The 3-Day 100% No Quibble Money Back Guarantee!